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At Kool Kids Daycare & Pre-School, Inc., we believe that children are
curious, competent, and enthusiastic learners who actively participate in
the knowledge they gain through their environment. We believe that every
child deserves the right to receive quality care, respect, love, appreciation,
stability, and an opportunity to grow to their fullest potential. In order for
this to take place, we focus on family, community, school readiness,
creativity, self-discipline, independence, confidence, and self-worth.
Our program is designed to promote growth in children's cognitive,
social/emotional, language, fine motor, and gross motor development.
Children are introduced to age-appropriate activities in a nurturing and
stimulating home environment. Children are empowered to be proud of
their culture while being sensitive to the different cultures that are in our
society. Children are encouraged to play and explore because at Kool Kids
Daycare & Pre-School, Inc. learning is fun and work is play!